As UP Human Resources Training and Management Services, we aim to support you with the strength of the path we follow to help you differentiate by enhancing your success and be unique by keeping the customer satisfaction to keep at the highest level and using advanced technology.

  • We took into account the change in the market and sectoral developments and told about the importance of our difference to our business partners.
  • We have always worked to be stronger, not falling behind of our competitors.
  • We improved our services by following business processes that are constantly updated with technology.

UP e-Learning

UP e-Learning systems enable companies to take advantage of e-learning with its user-friendly platform and wide variety of courses. Employees and managers who use UP E-learning can enjoy the benefits of a pre-defined course curriculum, with easy-to-follow instructions and technology.

UP Learning Management System (UPLMS) provides courses which can be assigned to company employees and also enables companies to report on employee's curriculum and course success. UP e-learning uses SCORM based platform, which makes it possible for companies to add their own courses to their e-learning portal.

HR Management

In the Human Resources management area, UP provides customized solutions to use human resources more efficiently, enabling organizations to reach their goals. Placing the right people in the right positions by finding individuals with the appropriate core competencies, fundamental abilities; and matching them with suitable positions while establishing well-equipped systems to enable employee self-improvement requires both experience and technology. UP’s industry experience coupled with its use of high tech solutions gives us the ability to successfully tackle complex tasks such as staffing.

UP will be your guide in employee appreciation, extinguishing demotivating factors and evaluating performance on a scientific basis. Through counseling, UP will ensure that high standards are set during the process of selecting and placing employees, performance evaluation, career planning, time management and the training of your Human Resource Department.

HR Consultancy

UP firstly aims to shape the organization scheme by ascertaining the job analysis and definitions after stating the Human Resources policy in its service scope.
After appointing the necessary criteria for planning staff strength and choosing the right employee, UP consults in the process of the featured placement, testing and evaluation. It provides the setup of the optimum system by combining the technology and the knowledge with its software that proved themselves in the international arena, or the administrations’ own software in setting up the salary, premium and rewarding.

Please contact us to see our references in the field of time management, career planning, and performance managing systems.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

UP has become a company in which the other work processes were outsourced after ensuring satisfaction by its service given to numerous native and foreign companies. Supplying different kinds of work functions exclusively by a third party service supplier (BPO) means a single service definition and reaching key solution services within a single invoice. Click here to see the benefits of business process outsourcing.

Performance and Career

With our specialized staff, we provide consultancy services in detecting salary standards, helping to appoint the qualified employees for transfers and distinguishing the successful from unsuccessful. Our aim in evaluating the performance is to obtain performance improvement in every point of the organization by means of communication.

Today, the companies have to allow career developing programs to benefit from human resources on the high level. UP is capable of providing the best solutions in terms of its activities in business processes and enhancing employee satisfaction.

Special Solutions

With the help of the technological knowledge and support of one of the sister companies, Netkey Informatics Systems LLC., UP develops software solutions that are needed in many fields by enterprises. These solutions that are developed accordingly are synchronized with the databases and the data processes background which are used within the enterprise, and are maintained through our support.

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